Water Quality

Since the District's establishment, one of the primary goals was to monitor water quality and quantity. This has been accomplished by installing a series of observation wells across the District. In total there are nearly 250 water level measurement sites of which nearly 150 are water quality sites. 

Each applicant shall have a water sample taken from within five feet of the bottom of the aquifer and shall have the water sample analyzed for chloride content by a laboratory certified by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. The applicant shall furnish the results of the water quality analysis and a copy of the test hole log to the district. 

If the analysis of the water sample taken within five feet of the bottom of the aquifer indicates that the chloride content exceeds 500 milligrams per liter (mg/l), the application to appropriate water shall be recommended for denial by the district. 

State-Wide Water Levels

WIZARD consolidates information formerly maintained by several local, state, and federal agencies. About two-thirds of the annual water-level data are now submitted by local GMDs and the Division of Water Resources, with the other third being updated by the KGS. WIZARD is owned and operated by the Kansas Geological Survey.