Water Use Reporting

Online Reporting Instructions

Annual water use can be reported on-line to comply with the water use reporting requirements of the Kansas Water Appropriation Act. Owners of water rights in Kansas must report the previous years' use for all uses, except domestic use, by March 1 of each year. Filing a complete and accurate report will help protect your water right.

Getting Started

  1. Login using the PIN and PersonID. These numbers are printed in the lower left hand corner of the annual water use report form mailed to you.
  2. Once logged in, follow the instructions inside the pages displayed. Particularly take notice of the links at the top of each page which are helpful to navigate through the different parts of the report that may be required for specific use made of water.

Instructions for Completing the On-line Report

If you put water to beneficial use last year, you must report:

  1. Metered quantity
  2. Hours and pump rate
  3. Meter readings and/or hours and pump rate for a broken meter situation, or
  4. Total estimated quantity used

You may report meter readings on all four options.

Simply click in the Quantity box and these 4 options will be displayed.

If you did not put water to a beneficial use last year, click no, then select the reason for non-use from the drop down list that pops up. You may report meter reading also.

The other boxes, Well Depth, Depth to Water, Date Measured and Comment, are optional.