GMD5 Rules & Regulations

K.A.R. 5-25-1       Definitions

K.A.R. 5-25-2      Well spacing

K.A.R. 5-25-2a    Change in point of diversion

K.A.R. 5-25-3      Reasonable appropriation

K.A.R. 5-25-4      Sustainable yield

K.A.R. 5-25-5      Well equipment

K.A.R. 5-25-6      Reporting water use

K.A.R. 5-25-7      Water quality tests

K.A.R. 5-25-8      Waste of water

K.A.R. 5-25-9      Procedures for non-compliance with rules & regulations

K.A.R. 5-25-10     Test holes and water quality analyses

K.A.R. 5-25-11      Determination of well locations

K.A.R. 5-25-12     Approval of application for additional rate only

K.A.R. 5-25-13     Term permits

K.A.R. 5-25-14     Battery of wells

K.A.R. 5-25-15     Exemptions for up to 15 acre-feet of groundwater

K.A.R. 5-25-16     Water quality analyses and observation wells in the Rattlesnake creek subbasin

K.A.R. 5-25-17     Voluntary reductions of water rights in the Rattlesnake creek subbasin

K.A.R. 5-25-18     Changes of well locations within the Rattlesnake creek subbasin

K.A.R. 5-25-19     Saturated thickness map

K.A.R. 5-25-20    Recommendations by the board

K.A.R. 5-25-21     Alternative method for calculating the amount of water deposited in a multiyear flex account 

K.A.R. 5-25-22      Movement of water rights affecting streamflow at Rattlesnake Creek