Quivira NWR LEMA

Big Bend Groundwater Management District No. 5 is pursuing a Local Enhanced Management Area ("LEMA"). The proposed LEMA has one primary goal:

  1. To address the USFWS impairment complaint on Water Right File No. 7571.

This page is intended to provide information to stakeholders in the area regarding this process.

Current Status

The District is diligently working with area stakeholders to provide a sustainable remedy to the Quivira NWR impairment complaint. The issue at hand is extremely complex and affects the livelihood of several generations throughout this region. As such, the District is considering every option thoroughly and consulting expert hydrogeologists to ensure that the objectives put forward are effective and based on the best science available. 

In February, the District board unanimously approved the Quivira NWR LEMA plan to be submitted to the Chief Engineer for review in preparation for public hearings. Initially, KDA-DWR provided feedback expressing concerns with the technical basis for the LEMA plan as a remedy for the impairment at Quivira NWR. At the end of July, KDA-DWR formally rejected the Quivira NWR LEMA plan and in the same letter threatened direct administration effective January 1, 2020. 

The District has filed a petition for review of the Chief Engineer's rejection of GMD 5's proposed LEMA plan and a petition for stay of proceedings pending resolution of Big Bend Groundwater Management District 5's petition for review.

If you would like to provide feedback on the LEMA process or the objectives currently being considered, please use the form below and email it to LEMA@gmd5.org

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